Saturday, March 28, 2015

Finally, a light turns on and it all falls into place

PTC's are B-O-R-I-N-G, in fact I have a hard time staying awake! But then I made a dollar, two dollars, three, my other ptc's started to add up, I made $30 at Inboxdollars(a total of $70now), and earned about $50 from Paidverts.  Not bad for starting for free!  Okay, I woke up, blood started pumping, started to get excited.

Now, I have 5 referrals, that I rented for $1.00 at Neobux, 5 referral's at Ojooo, Clixsense is about ready to be able to either cash out or use for investing, I am getting excited.  I took some earnings to invest into Gobal11 and My Traffic Value, investments are a risk, but they also pay off well if they mature. Also, the two company's are solid, open about their businesses, so I feel safe.  And the rest of my business is doing the ptc's, safe-lists, and once my computer is fixed, some surfing.

I need referrals to earn more.  I would like to invite all of you reading this to join me, this does become exciting, when you earn that first dollar, good feelings!!  Check out the banners I put up here, ask questions if you have doubts, either from me or someone you trust.  I can promise you a couple of things, >>>>>>>If you do the work, daily, with the ptc's, you will earn.  >>>>>I will not leave you nor try to sell you anything.  I hope you will give me and more importantly yourself a chance.  You will not get rich this way, but I think in 2015, I will be making $400 a month (my goal)

Be good to those around you and to yourself.


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