Tuesday, March 17, 2015

IBO Toolbox A Gem in the Marketing Social World

This site should be in everyone's portfolio, there is so much there.  Each time I enter, I am totally amazed how so much can be all for free.  
You can post ads, make new associates, network with other business owners, have your own social page, write press release's that are picked up by different search engines.  IBO will boost your on line presence and promote you in the social media market.

IBO Banners is part of the IBO family of web services.  This one is fun for me, I can open my creative self and make my own banners, headers and just about all I can think of!  You get a free 7 day try me, then if you like what you find there, is is $3.95 a month...a steal for all you get.  And no worries, Kris, the owner, has made video's to walk you through how to make your banners and save and use them.  Great service.

IBO Exhange is the social media exchange part of the IBO family.  You can use it for free, you follow,like, view the major social sites and earn "coins" that you use to exchange service.  It is a good idea and you get follower's.

IBO List is set up like Craig's list, you place your products or opportunity in a classified ad system which is picked up by google.  It is the newest in the IBO family and is growing rapidly.

IBO Tube is for business owners to upload their video's.  You will not lose a video or be denied to add one from YouTube due to advertising.  This is a great place to put your business video's for other online marketers.
See what I mean?  Alot from IBO..each site is easy to use and helps you build your network.  Start at IBO Toolbox, check it all out, and then come back here to join the rest of the family.  You have to register in each site.

And remember:  Joining IBO Family of Web Sites is free, has been since it opened and will remain so.  I hope to see you in the "family"

 A treasure gem for you!

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