Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stepping back to the PTC (Paid To Clicks) Sites

I have been reading a lot lately about the ups and downs of the ptc industry. How many scams and ponzi sites there are. In one article I read that 98% of the ptc sites are scams, built as a bux site, not a real ptc site. That figure is high and now I am noticing how many new sites are popping up, it seems almost daily. It has made me sad due to the fact that I was taken in, I believed the people who got me to join, went in and did all the daily clicks and then ????where are you bux site???? For you who also do ptc's, you know what I am saying.I have weeded out all the sites in my portfolio that have poor ratings and have focused on only the ptc sites that I feel work. Starting with Neobux, NeoBux was first introduced on March 25th 2008 in a pre-registration phase. The official opening was shortly a month after, on April 30th. NeoBux has no other website nor is affiliated to any other website being it directly or indirectly. Any claim regarding this is false. Neobux is free to join, you view ads daily to earn and they do have rented referrals that you can purchase. Upgrading is $90 a year, be sure to check out the stats and see if it is worth it for you to upgrade.There are also packs you can purchase once you have upgraded to the golden membership. Be sure and check those out and see if they are right for you. They accept Trustwave, Paypal, Payza,and Netteller
Clixsense is a real paid to click site, they do not offer rentals, they have numerous ways to earn: view ads, surveys, offers, tasks,clixgrid and more. There is a forum for chatting with other members, sharing your payouts, askng questions. It is a great site and you will earn, it is slow but if you get referrals it goes faster. Be sure to check out the affiliates page link and read how generous their pay offs are.They got their start in 2007. Below is what they say about themselves: 210 Bates Retreat Hampstead, NC 28443 USA Advertisers ClixSense is an industry proven method that allows website publishers of every size or budget to direct targeted and unique traffic to their website. This is the same system that the largest online retailers in the world take advantage of for their advertising needs. ClixSense offers this opportunity to every web merchant whether you are a start up business with a minimal advertising budget or if your business is already established but you are desiring additional web exposure. For as little as $1.20 you can position your website to be exposed to potential customers. ClixSense has developed sophisticated online tracking and monitoring systems to ensure that every dollar you spend advertising with ClixSense delivers to you the most bang for your hard earned advertising dollar. Our industry leading software virtually eliminates any type of Internet bots that automatically click through your ads. For this reason, you can rest assured that your ads are being viewed by real customers with true buying power. Customers By taking advantage of the ClixSense online advertising program, as a potential online consumer, you can actually get paid for your web browsing, up to $0.02 for every website visited. The income you earn is paid directly to you every month. The best part about the ClixSense program is that as a potential online consumer, there is no charge to register your new account and begin earning money immediately. They accept Paypal and Paytoo

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