Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bux Site vs Real PTC Site

Most of us are aware of the outpouring lately of ads for bux sites, New, Honest Admin,Paying, and they make it sound so promising. You can earn with us, spend just a few minutes a day and more hype. In reality, bux sites, for the most part, are scams, set up on an unstable financial program that is geared to lose. The bux sites focus on you, the members, investments instead of focusing on advertisement income.The bux owner is relying on other sources of income, the members to upgrade and purchase rentals. Almost all of the rented referrals are "Bots" instead of real humans. Using the "Bots" give the owner control over how much a member can make. They charge more for their upgrades and set low limits of the amount of referrals the members can have. They do this also to control the amount of money the member is earning. They need new members who upgrade to pay out the monies owed to the members already using their sites. Bux sites also give you a guaranteed number of ad views a day at higher rates than real ptc's. Usually $0.01 and more. The admin displays self sponsored ads rather than paying advertiser ads and the owner's affiliate links for other sites, products, usually Etoro, Empire Option, Binary optin ads, clickbank products or ads from other ptc sites. These self-sponsored ads do not generate money for the site, which creates a losing combination. Bux sites make their money, as I said, by selling expensive up-grades, renting referrals, having current members bring in new members and as long as this is happening they have the money to pay their members, which is why at first, they seem good, paying their members according to their terms. In reality, the Bux site is borrowing money from their members and at some point the flow of income stops, they have to pay back their members plus all the bonuses. Things start to go wrong at the site, payments delayed or not made, forum's closed or monitored,accounts suspended and no reason given, issues with the payment processors, site goes down. The owner will sometimes try to pull it together by opening a "sister" site or another site to help pay off the first site's members but usually what happens is the Bux owner slips away and you lose. I have read that 98% of the Bux sites are built on this model and consider unsafe to join. A Real PTC business focuses on getting advertisers. The owner charges the advertising to use the sites services, and then pays the members and the site owners from that money earned. They do not focus on the members upgrading nor do they rent referrals. They also cannot guarantee the amount of ads seen in a day, some days there may be none. They do not force you to view ads to earn from your referrals the next day as the Bux site does. The earnings are less, $0.0005-0.001, but you will get your money when you are ready to cash out. For more and reviews and information of all the PTC sites go to Ref: PTC Central, Clixsense Forum

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